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Nov 30, 2017
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Immunotherapy is starting to emerge as a viable treatment option for indications such as inflammatory disorders and oncology. Although the majority of immunotherapeutics in development are biologics such as antibodies, small molecules may provide some advantages. For example, small molecules may have a lower cost associated with their development and manufacture and they are also more prone to oral bioavailability and, as such, attaining greater exposure to the target.

However, there are some inherent challenges to the design and development of small molecule immunotherapies, such as identifying suitable transient pockets on protein binding particles and their generally hydrophobic nature. These challenges may increase the development timeline as the risk of attrition in the later stages.

This spotlight will provide an inside into the challenges, trends, developments and debates surrounding the development of small molecule immunotherapeutics. We will also explore the current landscape and identify potential future developments.

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