Medicinal chemistry encompasses the design of small molecules for the treatment of disease. MedChemNet, in partnership with Future Medicinal Chemistry, covers all aspects of the drug discovery pipeline, from target identification and validation, through computer aided drug design (CADD), synthesis, screening and other biophysical techniques, to development of novel lead compounds and pre-clinical in vivo proof of concept. We also cover the design of synthetic drug delivery carriers, linking to Therapeutic Delivery, and ADME/toxicology studies, as well as intellectual property and economic related issues, in line with Pharmaceutical Patent Analysis. Furthermore, we explore the isolation of natural products as drug compounds and the development of chemical biology based drugs, such as those based on nucleic acids.

Medicinal chemistry/drug discovery pipeline

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First and foremost, you should do so because, by joining the network and sharing your news and knowledge, you will be contributing towards the development of this exciting field. This network also gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and help gain knowledge and connections that may be useful to your work. MedChemNet is largely based on content generated by the network’s users and is designed to provide experts with a platform to collaborate, showcase their work and share news and their perspectives on the field.

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There are plenty of wonderful people working behind the scenes to help this network operate, but the core team is:

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    Jasmine knows all there is to know about the site and can help you if you have any questions about using the network. You can find more about Jasmine by checking out her profile, and can find her posts here.
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    As a member of our business development team, Dionne is the primary contact for all things related to sponsorship and advertising. Please drop her an email if you wish to discuss commercial opportunities available on MedChemNet. If you would like to know more about using MedChemNet please see the user guide or speak to the Community Manager.