Future Medicinal Chemistry Special Issue: New Frontiers in Antibacterial Drug Discovery

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Jul 11, 2016
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The mid-20th century was witness to the most prolific antibiotic discovery era yet, however, in the years since, interest in the field has waned and there are now comparatively few antibiotics under development. With the rise of antibacterial drug resistance, there has been much debate across the scientific community regarding how best to bolster the antibacterial drug pipeline.

This Future Medicinal Chemistry double-issue, guest edited by Mark G Moloney (University of Oxford, UK), presents a variety of content from key opinion leaders in the field, including Laura Piddock (who can be seen here in this video interview), Tony Velkov and Jianfeng Cai. The special focus spans many aspects of this complex field, from open science initiatives aimed at catalyzing the discovery of new antibacterial agents, to novel approaches to combating Gram-negative superbugs.

Moloney commented: "Taken together, this two-part issue covers areas of opportunity in both small and larger molecular systems for possible drug development, along with topics which offer other possible strategies worthy of more detailed investigation. What is clear, is that while the problem is urgent, but tractable, and that while there are many opportunities for interested scientists across a wide spectrum of expertise to make important contributions, effective interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaborations will be critical for success."

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Hannah Coaker

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