Special issue on Pharmaceutical patent law: expert perspectives from around the globe

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Aug 03, 2016
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This issue, which is guest edited by Takeshi S. Komatani Ph.D. features diverse perspectives from around the world, including India, China, Arab States of the Gulf, Canada, among others. Topical issues are discussed, such as the Korea–US Trade Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and how it may impact on the pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam, and second medical use in Turkey.

Speaking about the special issue, Komatani commented: "Methods of treatment, surgery and diagnosis are some of major topics in pharmaceutical patent protection, and a number of the articles in this special issue discuss this. Additionally, how to protect second medical use and other types of drug repositioning and novel dosage regimen are also touched upon. I strongly believe that this issue will assist readers in developing an effective patent portfolio that should allow them to enforce them in a sophisticated manner."

To read more about what this issue covers, take a look at the Foreword, which is free to access. You can view the contents here.

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