Drug discovery and epigenetics

This September, MedChemNet will explore the potential of epigenetic drug discovery with the help of industry and academic key opinion leaders.

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Sep 02, 2016
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This September, MedChemNet will be focusing on epigenetic drug discovery. We'll be featuring news and views from across this dynamic field of research. Here are just a few of the features you can expect this month:

Video interviews

In our exclusive video interviews, key thoughts leaders in the field will discuss their latest research and their opinion on how epigenetic research will impact and aid future drug discovery efforts.


Our editorials are written by researchers, for researchers: they provide behind-the-scenes insights into recent cutting-edge discoveries. This month, editorials will focus on therapeutics with epigenetic targets, and their discovery and development.


In these short pieces, key opinion leaders answer questions on their background and research, posed by the MedChemNet editorial team. This month, researchers will give their thoughts on the future of epigenetic drug discovery, as well as describing their recent publications in the field.

Remember, we’re on Twitter – @MedChemNet – so let us know your thoughts!

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