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Now available on demand. This panel discussion, featuring experts from across the world, will focus on the challenges, trends and developments surrounding successful validation of drug targets in research and why this is necessary.

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Mar 29, 2018
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Translating a potential new therapeutic from the research laboratory to pre-clinical and clinical trials is a costly and time consuming endeavor, taking around 12 years and costing close to US$1 billion on average. The majority of drugs that fail to complete the development process do so due to efficacy; indicating that the wrong target was pursued, a problem that could be avoided with thorough pre-clinical validation of drug targets. The MedChemNet spotlight has been providing insight into topics such as challenges in accurate and efficient drug target validation, recent developments in methods and techniques and notable new therapeutic targets identified in recent years.

This panel discussion, featuring experts from institutions across the world, will focus on the challenges faced by scientists in navigating successful validation of drug targets. It aims to assess current public and scientific understanding of methods of drug target validation and the increasing use of emerging technologies to aid this field.

We hope this discussion will be an insightful resource, bringing together the latest knowledge and providing current perspectives on drug target validation and stimulating discussion about the future of this discipline. 

What you will learn?

  • Current challenges in the successful pre-clinical validation of drug targets and the implications of this
  • Why there is an increasing lean towards target-based drug discovery as opposed to phenotype-based drug discovery
  • Emerging technologies for drug target validation

Who may this interest?

  • Graduate students, researchers and scientists working in drug discovery and development
  • Individuals with an interest in drug target identification and validation 


Carles Galdeano Researcher, University of Barcelona.

Dr Galdeano is currently working together with Xavier Barril (University of Barcelona). In 2015, he joined the University of Barcelona after three years post-doctoral experience in the Ciulli's lab (Cambridge and Dundee, UK). Dr Galdeano has been working in several interdisciplinary research groups around Europe and the USA, and he has learned a broad range of new concepts and ideas in the drug discovery field. His current project is focused on the identification and characterization of chemical probes to validate specific and medical relevant E3 ligases, which can then be employed for PROTACs construction.

Sree Vadlamudi Program Manager, e-Therapeutics PLC.

Dr Vadlamudi joined e-Therapeutics (Oxford, UK) in 2013 as a Programme Manager to help in the implementation of the network-driven drug discovery approach. He is responsible for overseeing program management and business development activities. Sree is a medicinal chemist by training with over 14 years’ experience in the biotechnology industry. He has a track record in leading projects from inception to lead generation and optimization, and is a named author on multiple patents and publications. Sree has also gained commercial experience in managing alliances, collaborations and business development activities in both biotechnology and CRO environments.

Chris Hill - Executive Director Chemistry, Charles River Laboratories.

Chris earned his PhD in synthetic chemistry at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (Manchester, UK). Following his postdoctoral work, he joined Roche (UK) where he became Director of Chemistry. He then joined Organon (Newhouse, UK) as Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry and was soon appointed as SVP Research and Newhouse Site Head. Following acquisitions, he continued at Schering-Plough and MSD (Newhouse, UK), before moving to Merck (MA/NJ, USA), where he advanced through multiple positions to Head of Global Chemistry. Chris is a Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow and has served as a member of the RSC Organic Council, ABPI R&D Committee and the Industry Advisory Group to the Scottish Government.

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